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What do our customers say?

Here is a selection of the delightful feedback we’ve been receiving. Thank you for your kind words and keep letting us know how your dogs and cats are getting on with Canagan.

Wendy and Gladstone

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic natural dog food. My 3 1/2 year old German shepherd has always had a very sensitive stomach resulting in many shall we say very loose stools.

Unfortunately for the last 6 weeks he was quite unwell with constant diarrhoea and skin problems. He was on a strong course of steroids and antibiotics. At this point even though I was on a natural dog food, I realised that I would need to go onto something that his delicate stomach to take.

I saw Canagan and after visiting your web page, which was full of great and helpful information I decided to take the plunge and move Gladstone onto Canagan Large Breed Dog food and the wet food.

Well, what can I say, he is a completely different dog and his stomach upsets have disappeared, his coat is looking amazing and he has endless amounts of energy. It is like having my puppy back!!

I can't praise you enough and once again would like to say a big thank you from myself and of course Gladstone. Thank you again xxx


Samantha and Murray

This is my 2 year old working cocker Murray who has been fed Canagan since puppy. I couldn't be more happier with the food as he is digestively very sensitive. Since feeding him Canagan his coat, teeth and muscles tone have been amazing. Thank you!

Samantha Gifford


Elizabeth and Sweeney

I have a 14 month old Bulldog who has always been a very picky eater, unlike my two previous bulldogs who ate anything. He has been on another brand, which my previous dog enjoyed but I have had to add various ‘coaching’ wet food to entice him all his life. I once tried to change his food altogether which was a disaster and he didn’t eat for 5 days!

So last week I went to stay with a friend who has two dogs……. Sonny stole some food from one of their bowls and woofed it down in seconds.

This week I purchased a bag of your Country Game flavour and he has been eating it all up with no second thoughts. It is good quality and happy to pay for a food he enjoys at last! Thank you


Laura and Ozzie

We just wanted to say a little thank you! Our pup Ozzie didn't used to be interested in his food and had a very unsettled stomach. We visited our local pet shop and a lovely lady gave us some fab advice and we left with a bag of Canagan.

Wow! He LOVES his food, as you can probably tell from the picture and thankfully his stomach has settled! He has a glossy, shinier and softer coat and is so much happier. He has however, developed a habit of sitting by the dog food cupboard door, but I think we can let him off. Thanks so much for making our pup happier and healthier.


Marleen and Yuki

Hello my name is Yuki (Shiba Inu) and I am 7 months. I live in the Netherlands and I just want to say that I am very happy with Canagan, never had any problems and well... Everybody tells me I am in a good shape. And health!! So have my compliments for the great food!!


Sandra and Nevaeh

This is Nevaeh waiting for Canagan Country Game to be opened. She's been enjoying Canagan for a few months now. We changed from her old brand as all 3 of mine kept spitting it out. We haven't looked back since changing!

Sandra Young


Charlie and Bailey

This is Bailey he is 18 months old and is a working dog. The only thing he eats is Canagan Large Breed and he loves it!

There was a flat coat retriever on the estate where I work Bailey who was 5 and flagging at the end of the day so I recommend Canagan. The owner can't believe the difference, his energy levels are the same throughout the day!

Thank you for a class product.

Charlie Gill


Martin and Jack

Thank heaven for Canagan. Our Cocker Jack has had dietary problems for the most if his young life. Anal gland problems and constant diarrhoea with so many visits to the vets. They finally found out he was allergic to grain and rice. They wanted us to try the RAW diet, which we were not keen on.

My wife did loads of searching and reading on the net and found your website. We ordered our first bag and have never looked back. Firm stools no anal gland problems and best of all no visits to the vets. Fantastic product, I cannot speak highly enough of Canagan. You have fixed our boy.

Many, many thanks.


Lisa and Bertie

This is my Bertie, I'm just about to open his third bag of Canagan. He eats it all up and never leaves any, which is amazing I'm really pleased to have him settled on a good quality food.


Sophie and Roisi

Our Dog, Roisi, is an Irish Terrier, and she has the energy levels on walks similar to most spaniels, perfect for a high protein food like Canagan. Her diet journey has been quite something!

She came from the breeder on a supermarket brand (let’s just say on TV adverts a lot) and was hyper and had loose stools. Once she had settled we changed her to a Turkey & Rice recipe of a different brand as that's all my parents have ever fed, right from the days it was the bees knees!

Our Dog, Roisi, is an Irish Terrier, and she has the energy levels on walks similar to most spaniels, perfect for a high protein food like Canagan. Her diet journey has been quite something!

She came from the breeder on a supermarket brand (let’s just say on TV adverts a lot) and was hyper and had loose stools. Once she had settled we changed her to a Turkey & Rice recipe of a different brand as that's all my parents have ever fed, right from the days it was the bees knees! Then they changed the recipe quantities slightly and the packaging and so I learnt the quality of the food had gone down and we decided we no longer wanted to feed a brand that now had a low quantity and quality of meat. We moved her to a grain free diet from Canada. She did well on this but even after very slowly mixing her over onto the food, she never fully could digest it, the stools would be fine until the end

We then thought maybe it was too rich, so moved her onto yet another brand - terrible mistake for her! She became very lethargic, didn't have enthusiasm to eat dinner-just ate it because it was there and would drag behind on walks eating grass.

We knew this wasn't the dog we knew and loved so this is when we moved to Canagan Chicken! We very gradually changed her, knowing how different the previous food was to the Canagan and eventually got her fully onto the Canagan. She was the dog we knew and loved again, bounds of energy and love and you could tell she was far happier! She didn't have loose stools at all and even when we were mixing her over onto the Canagan, she was picking the Canagan out first!

She now is a happy and healthy dog, she has just the right amount of energy, not hyper nor lethargic! A nice coat, bright sparkling eyes and decent muscle form. Win all round!

Thank you Canagan.
Kind regards
Sophie Gellender

Pepper and Honey

Teresa, Pepper and Honey

This is Pepper and Honey. Since changing to Canagan their coats are beautiful and they don’t have stomach issues. They are much happier dogs. Thank you.


Sara and Jess

This is Jess our working cocker spaniel who loves her Canagan chicken dog food. She has an amazing coat, everyone comments on how good she looks! Thanks.


Emily and Ivan

Our dog Ivan came from Greece, he was a stray who was chained up and left to die on a beach with waves crashing over him in a storm. For the first year or so, he ate around 60% raw food and the rest Canagan. Everyone asked us what we feed him and said how healthy and shiny he looked. We told all our friends and family about what is in most dog foods (as most of them have dogs) and now have most of them converted to Canagan as well.

In the last year or so, we've fed Ivan almost 100% Canagan, mainly due to our busy lives and the 'faff' that comes with feeding raw food. The other day, two huge bags that I ordered arrived and as he likes to open parcels, I let him open the box. I've never seen him so excited.

We strongly believe in prevention rather than cure. Keep up the good work and we will be sure to carry on recommending.


Carol and Luca

Thank you Canagan. I am the owner of a Springer Spaniel, Luca, aged 2 and a half. He has been on a well know food recommended by vets since a puppy but always suffered from very bad diarrhoea. The vet wanted to put a camera in, to find out why. But Since visiting our local Countrywide Store and purchasing Canagan food(6 weeks ago) he has been a different dog, no more poorly tummies or wind and no more visits to the vet. Thank you for a great food which has changed my dogs health and appetite for the better.



Kelly and Jasper

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to Canagan. Jasper had to be given steroids as a 10 week old puppy as his itching was so severe. His allergies were unknown and testing was not an option being so young. A lot of diets were tried, and failed. I was losing hope and Jasper was losing the will to do anything other than scratch!

He has now been on Canagan Country Game for 6 weeks and needs no steroids or even antihistamines to keep the itching at bay. He is a new and ever so happy character and I cannot thank you enough.

He now nearly 7 months and will be on Canagan for as long as he is with us. His coat shines and he has a sparkle in his eye... Especially when looking after his cattle!

Thank you Canagan for giving my boy a care free life! I am so grateful.


Allison and Allan

Hi Canagan. My name is Allan and I am a Gawjus French bulldog. I am 17 weeks and been with my new mam and dad now for nearly 8 weeks. My mam was recommended Canagan food for me from the nice lady in Wags and Whiskers Boutique in Saltburn. I know my new mam and dad want me to have a great life and what better way to start me off whilst I am so young on your fantastic dry food. It's delicious!

Thank you Canagan for looking after my insides and my shiny coat on the outside. I will be recommending you to all of my doggy pals x


Nina and Nemo

Hello and greetings from Finland from Nemo, my 4-year old mixbreed dog. He's mixed by Karelian Bear Dog and Finnish Lapphund. I would like to thank you for your finest dog food ever. He's always been very picky eater but Free-Run Chicken has been a great tasting food to him. As you can see, your food has made his coat so shiny! Love it :)


Dawn and Dolly

Dolly absolutely loves Canagan - the difference to her coat condition and well-being is down to this product. We highly recommend it to our local doggy community.


James and Hunter

Hi Canagan. This is my male dog Hunter. He had a very delicate stomach until I changed over to you food. Now he is 100% fine. He was such a nightmare on every food on the market with constant tummy upset. I would not feed anything else now. Another happy hound!



Verity and Eadie

This is our puppy Eadie, who is fed on Canagan. We have had so many comments on her shiny coat. She always eats all of her food, never a scrap left.


Michele and Shiva

We’ve just moved to Finland from the U.S. in December. Shiva has always had an issue with itchy skin and shedding back home. I have her on Canagan upon recommendation of Musti ja Mirri here, and it's all cleared up! She was always pretty indifferent about mealtimes; with Canagan, she's excited and eats it all up!


Laura and Finn

Our Mini Dachshund Finn loves your small breed chicken kibble! He has such a healthy shiny coat and great to know that what we're feeding him is full of goodness! Thanks!

Laura Monteverde


The Smiths and Briar-Rose

Here is our beautiful 10 month old Lab Briar-Rose looking a picture of health!

She was poorly with severe grain allergies which made her ill and lose a lot of weight. I came across your food and thought it's worth a go. We had tried all sorts of other foods plus the raw diet all of which didn't work.

We brought a bag of the Canagan Free Range Chicken for Large breeds and we haven't looked back! It has never once made her poorly and I think the picture speaks volumes. The Vets can't believe the difference in her.

She is now a very happy puppy who is enjoying life to the full and is now in training to be my gun dog. So all in all thank you Canagan you really are a life saver!



I have a 17 month old basset hound, we got her at 10 weeks and she was very poorly with constant diarrhoea, vomiting, flaky skin, and chewy paws. I took her to the vets first and was given some antibiotics as she had an ear infection and was told to keep an eye on her, blood arrived in her poop and I thought that was it something seriously wrong! Turns out it was because she had had such bad diarrhoea.

After getting not much help from the vets I decided to look in to this myself. I threw myself in to researching her symptoms and the more I looked the more I was reading about food . After researching some more I came across Pets Corner... What a wonderful shop! I was talking to the staff there about my hound and I was directed to Canagan. I introduced Canagan very slowly as I was advised and the change was almost instant! Full of energy , no bloated tummy, itchy skin and her coat omg it shines like the sun and feels like silk ... She is a wonderful weight and so healthy ! So healthy in fact we have re-homed another basset and his foster mum was so impressed by how my hound looked she changed her two and any future foster hounds all to Canagan.

I really can't tell you how very glad I am that I found Canagan. It's wonderful food, I belong to a few basset hound groups on Facebook and when I can, I always sing your praises!


Belinda and Igor

We have a 5 year old German Shepherd called Igor. Since he was 9 months old he always had diarrhoea, I tried so many brands of dry food but nothing worked, till I changed his food from dry food to fresh meat.

After 4 years the product quality was getting poorer, too much fat and he developed skin problems so I tried another brand of fresh complete dog food but that did not work.

That was until somebody told me about Canagan. Because I had no good experience with dry food I was very sceptic. I have given it for a few weeks and he is really doing well! I am really happy and no diarrhoea at all! In the beginning it had shape but still was not really firm, but after a week also it became firm.