Free Range Norfolk Chicken

Our Fresh Chicken is 100% Free Range and is lovingly grown in Norfolk, England by Lionel Halls and his team at Traditional Norfolk Poultry. Free to roam, forage and play as they wish, our chickens are raised to Freedom Food Standard.

Sustainably sourced Scottish salmon

The pristine waters of Little Loch Broom, Scotland is where our Fresh Salmon is hand reared to RSPCA Freedom Food standards. Totally free from antibiotics or growth hormones, our Salmon are raised in salt water by the family run Wester Ross Salmon Farm.

Freshly Prepared Deboned British Lamb

Grass fed and free to roam, our Fresh Lamb is sourced from local British farms. Free from growth promoting hormones, the fresh lamb is produced to a human food standard and is an excellent source of highly digestible protein.

Free Range Venison

Our Venison is 100% Free Range, feeding naturally on a diet of wild grass and vegetables. High in protein and low in fat, Venison is an excellent ingredient for supporting healthy muscle growth.

Sweet Potato

An excellent source of slow release energy, rich in antioxidants and a great source of soluble fibre. All of our recipes contain this wonderful field fresh ingredient.

Vegetables & Botanicals

Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, each wholesome recipe has a delicious blend of vegetables & botanicals. Full of natural goodness, our vegetables are carefully grown by selected farmers and are produced to the highest standard leaving us with wholesome and nutritious ingredients to complete our award winning recipes.

Sweet Potato
Vegetables & Botanicals

Our Ingredients

Our award winning recipes are made using the finest ingredients available. We are proud to support British farmers using locally sourced ingredients, taking great care to ensure the meat, fish and vegetables we use are produced to the very highest of standards. 

All of our Freshly Prepared Chicken is 100% Free Range and our Freshly Prepared Scottish Salmon is sustainably sourced.