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We are proudly net zero

Proudly Carbon Neutral

We generate our own zero-emissions solar energy to power our UK distribution centre and headquarters. Over 80% of our car fleet are all-electric vehicles (EVs) and we’re working to get that to 100%. We are proud that we take as much carbon out of the atmosphere as we put in, making us carbon neutral.

Elephant in rainforest

Supporting global environmental projects

We work with global initiatives, including the Southern Cardamom Rainforest project in Cambodia that protects tropical rainforests from illegal logging and poaching – this project has saved over 3,000,000 tons of carbon emissions each year and has saved over 13,000,000 to date.

Fish swimming in the ocean

Using the finest ingredients

We’re animal lovers, so welfare always comes first when selecting our ingredients. The fresh chicken in our dry food is 100% free range from trusted British farmers and our salmon is sourced from the pristine waters of Scotland. We never compromise on quality and always strive for the highest standards. The quality of our ingredients shines through in the flavour, which is why Canagan is the first choice for our companions.

James & Eddie outside pet shop

James and Eddie Milbourne, Pinner 1995

A family run business with integrity

Eddie Milbourne founded the business over 40 years ago, with a commitment to making the very best pet food, exclusive to independent pet stores. Now, with Eddie’s son James at the helm, we’re looking forward to continuing our commitments of integrity, doing the right thing and putting beloved pets first.

We started our journey as an independent pet shop, and we believe there is no better place to get the nutritional expertise your pet needs.

This is why you will only find Canagan through selected independent pet stores.